Greetings Students, Family, and Friends,
We hope everyone had a great Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend. He was an  Amazing Man, and his sacrifices definitely paved a better way for us all to live today! Yesterday we had some great classes and everyone was working hard as usual, however on MLK day we’re always reminded about how we’re living Dr. Kings Dream out together everyday in our Taekwondo School!
We share so much diversity in our school population at Kingdom Martial Arts, but what’s really cool, is that through Taekwondo we’ve been able to grow together, get better together, and support one another through the ups and downs, “life’s battles”! Men and Women like Dr. King dedicated their life to overcoming life’s battles, with the hope of having the type of future we have together, today.
There is still much work to be done on the planet, however we are all truly blessed to have met one another. Everyday we make it to class “Heaven” is smiling down!!! With that said, see you on the mat soon. Don’t forget all Kingdom Uniforms and Merchandise are on Sale this week in school only!
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Week and Much Love!!
Yours Truly,

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