Why Should You Train With The Kingdom?

Master Harris is a an ex D1 basketball player and history major whose focus is in the 2000 year old martial art known as "Taekwondo". The Kingdom has programs for everyone. Our student ages range from 3-99 years old...


Our instructors work hands on with our kids and encourage the parents to participate in class as well either by support from the seats on the side or by taking our adult class yourself.

Quality Instructors

Assistant instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skills, but for their ability to communicate their knowledge to students of all ages.

Support System

A child’s mind is heavily molded between the ages of 0 to 5. The younger we're able to instill the morals and values of Taekwondo, the better lives the kids will grow up to live out.

Meet our Instructors

With more than 40 years of experience between our instructors working with kids, teens, and adults we can assure you that you are in the best hands to help reach your goals.

E.J Harris

Owner and Chief Instructor

Specializing in weapons, disciplined fighting, flying kicks, and poomsae.

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What clients say

Here are a few words some of our members had to say (Click on the picture to see full review)

Lacie Rivera

Business Owner

"My 7 year old son has special needs and Master Harris and Master Alex are incredibly understanding and patient with him, pushing him to achieve what they know he is capable of and have provided him with strong male figures to look up to. I have seen my 5 year old daughter flourish and catch on quickly to each combo she is introduced to and have seen an almost instant change in their behavior at home. Highly recommend this school to everyone searching for a Taekwondo school."

Alexis Stephens

Senior CRM Consultant

"my youngest daughter is a five year old hyper dancing queen and my ten year old daughter has special needs that make working with new people extremely difficult. Within a few lessons one of the instructors had not only earned her trust but has become one of the most trusted adults in her sphere"

Colby Barrett

Business owner

"Passionate about what he does and an all around great guy and instructor"

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