Premium Birthday Party




This party starts at $5,000. Again like our basic party offer, we take care of EVERYTHING!

Bonuses for this party:

  1. VIP Treatment
  2. Night party reservation available
  3. Martial Arts Performance
  4. Deposit must be paid for before nay planning will begin for your party
  5. Late rush fee will be assessed if party is not booked 4 weeks in advanced
  6. Catering BBQ (pulled pork, brisket, ribs, macaroni and cheese, salad, ect.)
  7. LIVE DJ
  8. HIP Hop performance by Master Kingdom
  9. Complete event planned – you don’t do a thing
  10. 30 people included
  11. gift to take home w/guest passes
  12. Photograper and photo booth – free class info printed on back of photos so you can come back for a free lesson or share with a friend.
  13. Venue and security included
  14. Adult options – Cool parties are not just for kids!!!


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