Platinum Membership (*Black Belt Club)




This is for those making the commitment to go all the way to black belt.

Benefits to this membership:

  • Same great benefits as basic training
  • More in depth special training classes (weapons, seminars,competitive sparring)
  • Eligible to participate in competitions
  • Eligible for STORM (Special Team of Role Models) / Demo Team
  • Train to black belt
  • 4 classes per week
  • Complete student handbook
  • Black Belt uniform included
  • $165/month
  • 12 to 36 month contracts available
  • Test every 2 months
  • Takes 2-3 years to become a black belt

Important notes to this membership:

  • To get started you must pay down payment. If Basic Member ship is expired then also first month of tuition is due.
  • Must enroll for at least 12 months
  • $599 Down Payment due with first payment (down payment includes cost of basic sparring gear, BBC Uniform, Kingdom Martial Arts Official Gym Bag)
  • Pay 12 Month membership in full and save and extra 10% on tuition.
  • Pay 36 Month membership in full and save an extra 25% on tuition. (BEST VALUE) – Price reflected in checkout options.
  • Please see Kingdom Martial Arts on first day to complete registration
  • Pay for two individual memberships and any additional family members are free.
  • Memberships transferable within family members
  • no refunds

Additional information

Payment Terms

12 month-Monthly (inc. down payment of $599) – 1st month, 24 month-Monthly (inc. down payment of $599) – 1st month, 36 month-Monthly (inc. down payment of $599) – 1st month


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