Kingdom Birthday Party (Online Special)



Let us take stress off of you. We want to take care of your birthday party needs.

Everything is set up by us and has a planned time slot from beginning to end. Structure, convenience and fun for the whole party. Including the parents 🙂

No down time for the little ones. We make sure to keep them engaged for the entire time.

We allow the kids to practice taekwondo even if they never have before. The kids are always so excited to go back and tell their friends what they learned. You will be surprised how much discipline a child can learn in a short amount of time when stimulate correctly.

The best part, the kids just have fun!! AND the parent have fun too.

What’s in it for you:

  1. 2 hours of action! (all activities are supervised) – this is the break that you parent deserve.
  2. Pizza is included (please let us know if the kids coming have allergies and we will adjust the menu for you)
  3. Parent fun included (and recommended) – If you like to join your kids on the fun you are MORE than welcomed too. You would be surprised the new connections you and your child can expereience during this time.
  4. 30 Kids included. Any additional child is only $10 – cannot be paid online with this deal. Please give us a call at 916-821-1490 to let us know how many additional kids you need to add and we will send you another invoice for those children separately.
  5. The birthday child will get to be in front of the class and teach with our instructors. Think of the confidence this secretly builds in your child.
  6. We set up everything, plan everything, and clean up everything.
  7. Your only job this day is to bring your kids, relax, and drive them back home for a nice nap when the party is over.

Ready to book your party at the Kingdom? Grab this online special by calling us at 916-821-1490 to confirm dates and then coming back to make your purchase.

We will include any booked parties on the events calendar which can be seen at


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