Gold Membership (6 month Basic Training*)




This is our 6 month basic training class.

Benefits to this membership:

  • Increase in flexibility and overall physical fitness
  • Develop a positive mental attitude
  • Develop effective self defense skills
  • Perfect program for beginners
  • 2 classes per week

Important notes to this membership:

  • Pay in full for 6 months up front and save $200
  • Down Payment of $100 due with first month’s payment if not paying in full (reflected at checkout)
  • $125/Month
  • Uniform included
  • Please see Kingdom Martial Arts on your first day to complete registration
  • Private lesson included
  • Pay for two individual memberships and any additional family members are free.
  • Memberships transferable within family members
  • no refunds

Additional information

Payment Terms

Monthly (inc. down payment of $195), Paid in Full (no down payment), Financed (inc. down payment of $195)


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